Multiple Lane Detection Algorithm Based on Novel Dense Vanishing Point Estimation

In this project, we designed two robust multiple lane detection algorithms [1], [2] based on dense vanishing point estimation. The vanishing points were estimated from disparity maps using dynamic programming [3]. The datasets we used are available on the KITTI website. We will be happy if you cite us:

[1] Ozgunalp, U., Fan, R., Ai, X. and Dahnoun, N., 2016. Multiple lane detection algorithm based on novel dense vanishing point estimation. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems18(3), pp.621-632. [paper][video]

[2] Fan, R. and Dahnoun, N., 2018. Real-time stereo vision-based lane detection system. Measurement Science and Technology29(7), p.074005. [arxiv][paper][video]

[3] Jiao, J., Fan, R., Ma, H., Liu, M., 2019 Using DP Towards A Shortest Path Problem-Related Application, International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 20-24,  Montreal, Canada. [arxiv][video]